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Last Paintings, Finale

Tom Ferguson
2000 - 2006


The paintings here are almost all oil on found objects of one sort or other - details with each piece. They each have a "next" button so you can go through from Gymninist to the last without coming back here though each also has a back-to-here button.

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Gymninist/Lake House
Thither They Go
Young Portal
Picture Window
Going Postal
Place Setting
Who We Are
Grandfather Clause
Tree Ghost
Idle Tack-Zi
All in Green
See Me Sing Me
4 Armies 2 Wars
Amamals Three
Meat Pan Cover-up
Drawing Board
One Thing Leads to Another
Aix en Provence
Soap Box
Dark Patch, Dark Path
20th Century Stragglers
Pension Fund Obsconder
Applauding the Prodigal Son
Beach Seen
Towers Twin
Sibling in the Mirror
Kisser Wilhelm

....continued on opposite panel.


 This grouping marks a completion, the work I've done since my last exhibit in 2000 at Sandler Hudson Gallery, Atlanta.
On a different level, I'm referring to the body of work I began in 1969. At the time I saw it as going somewhere, had no idea where, not just no idea, i only thought ahead as far as the next painting, if that. I was focused on the moment for sure. I didn't think in terms of an evolution, a development, at first anyway, except in an intuitive way. But I had discovered how to make a painting and that took me over, that's what I wanted to do,
make paintings.
These paintings are almost all on found objects: cabinet doors, various panels, "black" boards, a skillet, ... my ecological concerns meshing with the aesthetic.
Subject: I've continued appropriating drawings from children, this time mostly my daughter at various ages, raiding her sketch books. And raiding my own sketch books as well, & notebooks & doodles, even some self-portraits. Some of the images are abstract, or near, some emphasize the conceptual...I scoured my drawings, made a stack of the most promising and when I found an object i'd browse, looking for the image that fit (details on the image pages). Sometimes the found object dictated its own image - a curved glass, oval frame with turn-of-the-century photo of relatives became Ancestor.
Somewhere along the way it became clear to me that this would be it. Check the obituaries... people my age are starting to go. If i'm to get to the end of my to-do list I needed to strategize. Painting was the furthest along, it beckoned, a volunteer. "Wrap it up!" it said, "you just can't keep on doing this like there's no... tomorrow, no ending, no limit."

Right, so i looked at my list and my excitement level lifted. I can finish that novel, do those 2-3-4 other writing projects, archive my songs, fill out the painting web site and the political cartoon web site, with literally everything i've got images of...(now done) expand the text into autobiography. And exhibit this most recent series and tour it, ...and maybe a retrospective. I've been wanting to exhibit drawings too, so...
Art school jump-started my "education", begining an awakening that is the real subject of my paintings, songs, cartoons, writing... my quest, and what has become more overtly central, what will continue even if the to-do list gets done - namely, the cultivation of consciousness, of presence, of being, of now.

Beach Seen Business
Ibiza Intrique
Horse Show
Six Gun
Knew Unto Others
Autobio: Today's Catch
Autobio: City Volk

Court Shades
Between the Land
Egg Tempera (over easy)
Nug Shot
Mach Knot
Place Setting Prep

Drawings & Monoprints:
(not necessarily fitting the time frame
here but works from various times
never exhibited)

High Art Clothes Pin
Made in China #1 & 2
Under the Street Light
Duko et al.
four untitled
Page After Page

Paper Cups:

Coup Cup
Uno Mas Taza

Box Books, a project for MOCA/GA
and follow-up editions

Hambidge Boxbooks

Drawing Installation
City Gallery East
24 drawings, 2006




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