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left to right, top row: Frankfurter, Marshall, McReynolds/ mid row: Brandeis, Douglas, Jackson/
Bot row: Murphy, Black, Clarke.
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 Court Shades:
oil on nine found canvas panels

all 24 x 22 1/2" (so 5'6" x 6' total)

3/6/05 Frankfurter
3/8 Marshall
3/10 McReynolds
3/29 Brandeis
3/28 Douglas
4/11 Jackson
4/13 John Clarke
4/14 Francis Murphy
4/19 Hugo Black

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court one

These are "found" in the sense that they were a gift of painter Drew Norbery with the condition of supreme court subject.
I thought that was a grand idea and at first thought i'd do Douglas in all nine panels, since I thought he was the only really decent Justice. I'd heard the story that when the other Justices would go down into the basement to look at porn movies to decide if they qualified as porn or not, Douglas would say, "If it's a film, it's protected." He didn't have to see it just as he didn't have to hear speech to know it's protected. Yet in researching the Court I found that there were actually many Justices who sided with the people as against business interests. And even Douglas voted for the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II. - under the usual mis-information from the executive branch. Many of these folks were appointments of FDR. To place Douglas slightly above the others though I used my fav colors for him, greys.

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