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   This first view is cropped a bit. The second shows the whole thing with the silhouette showing the cup reference  more obviously.cupbored 1
Cup-Bored 11/02 (re-touched from 99)
Oil on masonite panel
14 x 18"


 This painting was originally from 1999, a series I started around 1988 of cups, various degrees of  cup reference, some like this one, pretty abstract. The main change I made to it is the red... it was  green and just never convinced me that it worked whereas it's an entirely different painting red. I  don't know if it will ever dry. Some of the cups came from images generated by elementary kids I  taught during residencies for the Georgia Council for the Arts. But the cup image is appealing to a  coffee addict like me and that old biblical reference crops up, " cup runneth over." Most of the  panels I did were given backings that lifted them off the wall, giving a floating feel. I've done  abstraction and would do more if I weren't giving up painting. It's all there in a figurative painting but  sometmes you don't need that reference. The second view is dappled a bit with sunlight.


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