Meat Pan (cover up) © 2003 Tom Ferguson ..............
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Meat Pan Cover Up 3/03
Oil on found meat pan (cover & pan)
11 3/4 x 8 3/4"




After I found this meat pan (& figured out what it was) I kept it around my palette and as I worked on other paintings i'd add the occasional color to one of the many planes on this truely irregular & geometric surface. Eventually all the planes were colored and I had to think of something to put in the pan. It was an opportunity for another steak painting but i'd already done that & frankly it didn't occur to me. I thought of them as two separate paintings at first but now.... I think they're one. Some cultures consume dog i'm told. But this isn't really about that... it's more like the juxtaposition of 2 disparate objects a la Dada.  back ... next

    I have more recently added copies of 1/2 a one-a-day drawing book,    transforming the meatpan into a boxbook. see the boxbook section.