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All in Green, 4/03, touch up from 1990
Oil on masonite panel
15 x 18"
 all green  



Ran across a painting from 1990 buried away and began layering to "save" it.... you can still see some of the original green dripping... that wasn't working but i retained the title taken from an e.e. cumming poem which starts off, "all in green went my love riding".... or was that Wallace Stevens? I'd heard of Stevens, that he was an insurance executive and that appealed to me, like Spinoza being a lens grinder, but I never really got onto his poetry... seemed obscure to me. I'm like alot of folks, poetry doesn't really draw me... there are some greats no doubt but it just doesn't pull me over there... not like music or painting, even comics. I know Gore Vidal, who I highly respect, would laugh but I get more out of Dylan's lyrics than I do out of any poetry i've read. I can hear the accusation arising now... Philistine!

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