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The timeline below accesses 400+ images representing an autobiography of my Painting, 1969 - 2009.
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Self-portrait Project

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  21 albums of
 original songs
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 performed by moi

Music Collaboration
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Art Writing
Aesthetic Journal excerpts

Box Books, a project for MOCA/GA
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Hambidge Box Books
March 2008

Charcoal, mixed media
City Gallery East
24 drawings, 2006

Computer Drawings

Political Cartoons
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Exhibition, AS-IS (finale)
Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

 a Retrospective 1969 - 2009   6/20 - 8/8, 2009
 Emory Law Library: Selections from Eyedrum  Retrospective, August thru December 2009  click
 Last Paintings . 2000 - 2006 .click
 Found Object Paintings 1997 - 2000  click
 Appropriated Children's Drawings                                       1988 - 2000   click
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 Full Length Figures 1986 - 2000  click
 Heads 1984 - 2000  click
 One-a-day Images 1983-4    click
 Word Paintings 1980 - 83   click
 Minimal 1978 - 1980  click
 Collaborative 1975 - 78  click
 Linear Abstraction 1976 - 77  click
 Musical Analogy 1974 - 75  click
 Islamic Grid 1972 - 74  click
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 Imaginary Subject 1970 - 72  click
 Cityscape 1969 - 70  click
 First Paintings: Interior  1969  click
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 High Museum, Atlanta: Peter Morrin Essay  click
 Brochure . Retrospective 1984-5 cover images  click
 Brochure . Retrospective 1984-5 artist statement
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The paintings are organized over a timeline, categorized according to shifts in interest. This goes back to 1969 when, after studying 5 
semesters at a Milwaukee art school & painting on my own several months, I had a "break -through", where painting suddenly made 
sense to me. There is further discussion of this in an
artist's statement, from a brochure which was part of a 1984-5 seven-museum/Georgia touring retrospective, and an essay by Peter Morrin, then curator of 
20th Century Art at the High Museum in Atlanta, which accompanied 
my exhibition there in 1985.

I have labored periodically since art school to define art & painting.
John Cage's notion that "music is organized sound" translates well I
think into, "painting is organized color." Another satisfying idea for
me is Joseph Campbell's statement, "We don't seek meaning, we
crave depth experience of reality." An encounter with a painting
can be just such an experience.

From a slightly different angle... Joie de vivre. Gary Zukav talks
about choosing, moment to moment, between joy and fear.
Eckhardt Tolle puts it in other words - escaping egoic mind chatter
into presence, the eternal NOW.

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