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At some point I became inspired to do some drawing, probably
after having seeing Jim Dine, Joel Shapiro, Susan Rothenberg
and others work in charcoal on paper over the years. I had been
exposed to rives paper in art school and had to of course work in
the medium but my obsession was painting so that's where I went.
In the late eighties, early nineties I was apparently ready. I ordered
a packet of rives and worked on & off again over the next 10 years
or so.

The drawing below came well before the rives work, though it is on
rives. I had been in the habit of stopping at a club called Moonshadow
for some live music after art openings sometimes. I saw this guy singing
one night & was impressed by how I could see well into his cavity while
he emoted. It's about 11 x 9" & still got it.
Waffle House Cook
His Harness
One Man
One Hound Dog
Dark Lock
Strips I.
Strips II.
Sea Legs
Night Train
Lead Singer China
High Art

Series of early drawings:
The Rectangle

A proposal for an art
cartoon strip

2  earlier drawings 1973(?)