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Steve Seaberg Review,
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Art News listserve 6/21/09

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"I was really impressed at the way it was all put together - music, lyrics, cartoons, paintings. It was like the exhibit was a work of art in itself."  John Batson

An artist usually only gets one retrospective per town and this is mine so it's the only chance, aside from this web version, to see the work all in one place, convenient to leisurely study. Quoting David Byrne, "Some of you people almost missed it." Each category on my website (www.thinkspeak.net), which is an expanded version of this retrospective, includes a statement, general on the front page and specific to the category on the others, outlining the focus of that category, the evolution, life situation etc; so I won't duplicate that here. This will be a mostly visual survey of the Eyedrum show.

At the reception Thinkspeak* performed live, two sets (see sidebar link), with DVD/song collaborations* sandwiched in between. It was a hot June night, perhaps 96 degrees, with an overwhelmed AC system making for some sweaty brows. I had worked Sunday thru Saturday hauling & hanging with a couple rehearsals inserted in there somewhere as well as trying to promote the event. So when it came to the reception I was ready to party and partying that night meant playing music and the band had a blast. Steve Seaberg, in a review of the show (see sidebar link), called the performance a modern opera, a temple of music on a mountain of paintings  and drawings. I am disposed to like that. Eggtooth had some comments too, not for general distribution.

I distribute the photos over the entry, two main galleries and auxiliary spaces - two hallways and a free-standing wall separating the inner gallery from the performance space.  You can "next" your way through or come back here to explore.

* Thinkspeak: this incarnation consisted of:
Tom Ferguson (that's me) vocals, electric guitar, songwriter
Nevin Lash keyboards & ending consultant
Beth Damon, bass
Judy Condor (Artemis) and Cyndia Hunnicutt, percussion

* DVD/song collaborations
Garage Demo: Drew Norbery, 1990 - got a city of Atlanta grant to do 3 thirty minute videos for People TV.
For this one Drew orchestrated the songs.
Got Us: Kevin Haller, (Burning Artist(s) Sale) sent me music he composed to which I added lyrics from my songs. The imagery for both DVDs are political cartoons, paintings, drawings, animation, digital photographs.    to hear a selection called Got Us  click