back   next   Hambidge Box Books  © 2008 Tom Ferguson   7 x 5" jewelery boxes
A Fulton County Grant gifted me 2 weeks at Hambidge Art Center, in north GA. In addition to some serious website archiving of
my painting and political cartoons I did 10 box books shown here and the next page. The box contents are selected copies of drawings
from one-a-day drawing books I kept 1969-1974. Some are exclusively abstract, some figurative. Once I cut the drawing copies, reduced
for this reason, to fit the boxes & placed 20 in each box, i'd do a cover, using one of the drawings, doing a variation, and playing with the
edges with titles & linear "decoration".
box 1-2
box 3-4
box 5-6

donated this "box book" to a fund-raising auction for Hambidge 2017

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