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Tom Ferguson 

There might be some interest in these photos
since my aging parallels the painting development. When we're 20 we're too close to appreciate youth. Later we marvel at it and accomodate, maybe even lament, its loss. 

 Drew Norbery photo

 early 1980s

 Drew Norbery photo 

Atlanta Painter, musician, photographer Drew Norbery took
these two photos which i took digitals of & details. In my living
room at that time... inch to inch paintings... the ones visible mostly
from 1970s.

Drew Norbery photo

below, junior high school, maybe 13-14. Notice the image I painted on the pocket, a
white beetle ... 4 of us called ourselves the beetles (only one letter off from fame), later the black sweater drinking club. We were taken up with Elvis and the English Teddy Boys as well as NYC gangs. Fortunately it was all fantasy. That's a miniature pool table and in my room at the time.
Why I have a dollar bill at the end of the cue I don't know.


At Presque Isle below... then after cancer treatment in 2015... helluva way to lose weight.

Cyndia, Me Mqttf after

 Drew Norbery photo

left: Cyndia & I summer of 06 in Northern Michigan... Lake Superior unfrozen backdrop.

below: Cyndia & I, in an earlier incarnation, set the timer & moved into position for that late 70s
shot when she was involved with black & white photography and we were both working on the Atlanta Cyclorama Conservation Project.


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 grad photo
High School graduation photo. That hair style got me some static as I switched from identifying with Elvis to college boys... all very unconsciously. Two college students picked a friend and I up hitchiking one night & I was quite taken with the glimpse of their world... reinforcing no doubt other beckonings i'd gotten from the intellectual realm. Dobie Gillis was as close as the media allowed the Beats but even to that thin version I was drawn.
me & cyndia

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  And below, a close-up then far shot of my kindergarden photo... 1949 can you believe? Very      hilarious... only one of the girls has on slacks, the "tomboy".... what characters.
1949 Klass