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Tom Ferguson.
Box Books

These boxes are mostly found and used to "bind"  "pages", the pages being varied: original drawings clipped from notebooks, sketch books, copies from sketch books, drawings done particularly for boxbooks, usually photo-copied, very limited editions. In one case a one-a-day drawing book was copied and half or so put in two different boxes. One of these "boxes" is actually a found meat pan. The boxes are also mostly found... cigar boxes, jewelery/gift boxes... some I have no idea where they came from or what they were used for, just kind of turned up over the years. I liked them and eventually they fit with what I was doing.

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MocaGA Project: Twenty

Notebook Excerpts
Notebook Box
Faces on Heds
Of Line/On-line/Configuration
Meat Pan
Deep Box, unfinished & finished
Clear Day
Mo Images
Seer Sir

a page of drawings before use

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