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The three rows of paintings here are from, bottom, 1983-4, when I was taking imagery from one-a-day drawing books I kept from 1969-74;
the middle row is from 1984-5 when I was doing heads; and the top row is of single objects, a series I started in 1986. The heads and single
objects co-mingled over time, going back and forth between them and the full length fictional portraits as well. I loved exhibiting these as
modules, making for many potential arrangements, especially the heads.
west wall 1
west wall detail
inner gal west wall detail
detail 1detail 2
The detail shots show the sculpture Hans Bhalla Ritual and the painting The Taker Under and the first part
of the north wall. On the other side of the west wall is the lyric sheets and beyond that the Eyedrum stage.
Finally, details of the west wall proper.
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Devil Driver
Cup Joke
Cup Board
Dairy Atoms
Throw Away World

Middle Row
Senor Goya
Mid-Yawn Sneeze
Hedge Clipper
Chair Man
Ms. Chas. Darwin
Paul Cezanne

Bottom Row
One Up
Earth & Air
Hallow's Eve
Before Pim
Oscar Das Kleinkind
The First Cynic in California
Jamais Vu

Hans Bhalla Ritual  nfs
The Taker Under   

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