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At the reception Thinkspeak performed live two sets sandwiching two DVD/song collaborations, the first from 1990 where Drew Norbery orchestrated a set of my songs. I used this as audio for a 30 minute People TV video called Garage Demo, using paintings, drawings, animation, and various video images for visuals. The second DVD/song collaboration was with Kevin Haller (Burning Artist(s) Sale) where Kevin sent me his musical composition and I sorted through my lyrics to find those that fit, sometimes combining several songs. The visuals were similar to Garage Demo - drawings, paintings, political cartoons and imagery I captured with a digital camera & put into iMovie. The following pics are of the wall separating the Inner Gallery from the performance space where I hung 80 song lyric sheets. I used double-sided tape, just as with the political cartoons, choosing 80 because beyond that you'd need a ladder to read'em. There are pics of the performance at
this link.
lyrics 2.
lryics 3
lyrics 4
lyrics 5
lyrics 6
lyrics 7
I started writing songs almost as soon as I started studying guitar, having little patience for learning cover songs.
My initial interest was with words though gradually the musical side got interesting too.
There are pics of the performance at this link.

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