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  I include with the paintings on the west wall those on the back of the entry panel. The paintings in these installation shots can be examined more closely on the finale page, the category just before this on the main page that documents work since 2000    These shots give a sense of the retrospective in fairly close detail though. (price list below)
west wall 1
main west 2
main w 3
main gallery wn view

This second to the bottom shot focuses on of knowledge of trees of death,  a piece that began in the early 80s
and was added to over time, you could say as editions. The center piece is a set of encyclopedias
bolted into place and glassed in - an ordinary object extracted from the time stream, held up as singularity.
Our gas stove requires matches to light so each time I lit one I dropped the spent match in an empty
apple juice jug. When it filled I added whatever invitation was current as a label, sealed it with a
waxed cork and covered the vulnerable seams with peace paint. The jugs provide wings for the
centerpiece. They could of course assume many other arrangements.
With this exhibit I pronounce the series complete. The lowest shot is of the west & north walls.

For closer shots of the work see details

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