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You can see the first shot was taken just after hanging, before the west wall was up. Most of the main gallery pics are
 on found objects, even the 9 canvases. Text nearby explains that Drew Norbery gifted me the canvases with the condition that I do portraits of the supreme court. It also explains that at first I thought the only worthy Justice was William O. Douglas but a little research showed me that there were others who took the Constitution seriously as a people rather than corporate document. The pieces flanking Court Shades are collages of imagery from my sketch & note books and also from my daughter's. Cute Cow to the right emits a small vegetarian militancy. Further to the right, flanking the entry to the performance space are two earlier heads also done on found drawing boards, St. Ann & Kisser Wilhelm, from the late 80s with the latter updated in 2004 (actually only visible in the first political cartoon pic).  (price list below)
north main
main north
a later shot with of knowledge... installed in the corner. And below, during a later event, a shot of
St. Ann & Kisser Wilhelm on either side of the doorway to the inner gallery & performance space.
cute cow

reminder: nearly all these paintings from the main gallery are viewable in more detail in the category
Last Paintings on the main page
Also some details of Autobio: here

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