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I populated this wall, aside from the Ritual Corner, starting with a panel I used for many years as a drawing board. Often on the
telephone i'd idly doodle on the surface. Some paintings came out of that doodling ie, Sing Me, Say Me, across on the west
wall. Following this the two abstractions are somewhat oddball... not many paintings pursued that direction though it is certainly
worth pursuit as the Abstract Expressionists showed. Speaking of which, I played with the subject cup in quite a few paintings,
varying degrees of reference or abstraction... I always enjoyed people not being able to quite identify what the paintings
were referencing. They were really about taking a personally fond object, the coffee cup, and using it as point of departure
for painting. The first of the two abstractions is actually one of the most abstract, or 'cubist' of the cup series. This first shot is during the
hanging - hadn't got it all up yet nor any on the east wall.  (price list below)
south wall all
south wall 1
main south 2
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main south 3
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