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In the planning of this show I roughed out what would go where, the main gallery devoted to work since 2000, my last Atlanta exhibition, and the Inner gallery to prior work. In the atual hanging though I was delighted to get ideas as I went, most notably the Ritual Corner that evolved around the paintings Place Setting and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. This wall was slated for paintings based on drawings from my daughter or other child imagery but the order evolved... I leaned the paintings against the wall, and started arranging them, not in sequential order by when they were done but in an order based more on aesthetic judgements as I went. Details, left to right   (title & price list below)
main wall
pac pigprotestation
Potential Pot RoastSummit
pcture windowLake House
beach seenbusiness
I like the way the photos elaborate the 'cubist' aspect with their fragments of paintings from the next or previous frame.

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