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Appropriated Children's Imagery 

1989 - 2006

Tom Ferguson


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Early Kids
Student Work

Potential Pot Roast

Pig Perfect
Louisville Collection
Night Fishing at Antibes
Two Circles of Light
Double Chin


The Brutal Fact
Little Vehicle

Young Turk
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This category overlaps with the Found Object pages since the subject in many of those are kids' drawings. There were a few paintings done much earlier appropriated from kids, my nieces & nephews mainly but this
period covers a more intensive focus.

My daughter & I used to draw together; as she'd do a page i'd copy it
then i'd do one & she'd copy mine. Hers were always so much
more beautiful, those she invented & her interpretations of mine.
I also did some ink drawings, passed them to her & she colored them...
in unexpected & delightful ways.

  I also worked with elementary kids through the Georgia Council for
the Arts and saw the same kind of delightful naivete I had encountered
with my daughter - and "appropriated" some.

  Dubuffet, Picasso & Paul Klee encouraged me in this direction as did
John Cage, Conceptual Art... and the idea that a resonating image is
what Art is after.

  I had appropriated imagery before, ie, passing a gridded napkin
around the table in a bar and netting images, sometimes asking
for three lines in any square or "anything", then using selected
napkin drawings as point-of-departure for paintings (see
collaboration category). The 80's Appropriation movement 
gave me a name for it.