back   next   Young Turk © 1989 Tom Ferguson  still got it... 7 x 9"  oil on panel  
Kallio & I did this one together... don't remember who did what. A painter I admired when I lived in Milwaukee was
Dennis Pearson... a wild man, did paintings of turkeys with peace signs for feet, designed & sold T-shirts at art fairs, kind of
an art star in that city ... friends of mine started a gallery/art conservation studio, later becoming only the latter but they gave
Dennis a show & I saw his resume - many pages of one-artist exhibits, and I saw the development of his work in that show and
that inspired me on. When I re-located to Milwaukee for a year, 1991-2, he was still exhibiting there. I saw a bunch of fictional,
multi-colored animals (3d, sculpture) outside a prominent gallery downtown and I knew they were his. I did art reviews for a local
weekly during that year. Going through an exhibit in a gallery that was STILL there, different location, & better, but the same owner
as when i'd been in Milwaukee in 1969 and he was there, aloof, wouldn't disdain to talk to me, probably fingering me as an artist
who would want to show him work. I reviewed a show he had of Milton Avery and the next time I saw him he had figured out who
I was and now was friendly.... power relations in the art world.

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