back  next category (word paintings)  Jody Collaboration   © 1978 Tom Ferguson  26 x 24""   My brother's daughter, now a woman
living in L.A. sent me this drawing in a letter, or her Dad included it - in any event I got it. It could go in the Collaboration section but it was done more around the time of the minimal works. It precedes by at least 10 years the rubbing/ patina stuff I did later. It is quite unusal for an eight year old to do an abstraction but that is what it is (I think). It now resides with her in the Big Easy. She sent me pics, one of which is dark and shows the incised lines and impasto more so I include them below. The difference between this first one and the well-lit one at bottom is minimal but does show another aspect.


Jody lines
jody L.A.

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