back    next    Rainclouds © 1978 Tom Ferguson   Still have this one -  about 36 x 26" oil on canvas

When I arrived in Atlanta in late '77 I was low on $ so took the first job I ran across, assisting on a delivery truck which replenished yellow boxes of Constitution/Journals. I was seeing the sky, out the open van sidedoor, in all kinds of times of day & weather. That of course worked into my paintings. I was way too "modern" tho to paint skyscapes... no, I integrated it into my current concerns which resulted in designing a "place" for the stimulus, making that as or more important than the sky reference. I used tape to create parallel lines, removing the thin hand-cut strips after the paint was applied. I lopped off the corner to make sure that the formal aspect wasn't diminished, to off-set the propensity to read the inner rectangle as a window.


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