back   next   Montanna Mosque © 1973 Tom Ferguson  collection Philip & Karen Perszyk, Missoula, Montanna
oil on canvas about 30 x 27"   I met Phil and Karen while an undergrad at NMU and they bought three paintings, maybe one was a gift, can't remember - in any event they got'em when they were hot off the press so they've spent more time with them than I have. They moved to lower Michigan and when I left for grad schoot at MSU I stopped to visit. One of those small-world experiences: they had met someone there who was also about to go to MSU & they invited him to dinner so I met Jim Marsh. We became studio mates for those MFA years.  Lost touch with Phil  until maybe 2006 when I got a call out of the blue. He sent me photos of the paintings which i'm so glad to have and add here. I had pasted a page of hand-written text on the back of this painting, ruminating about Art & Phil also sent a photo of that which I add below.
    In music something happens, then something else happens and the transition one to the other is smooth or abrupt... this thought was coming ever more into prominence for me until it created a focus covered in the Music Analogy category.

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