back   next   Abacabada © 1974 Tom Ferguson  50 x 30" oil/c.  collection Philip & Karen Perszyk, Missoula, Montanna
  The title comes from the way music is sometimes structured... a theme A, repeats at various moments, other themes are given other letters, B. C. etc; The first line for example, A. repeats every other line but in this case it is a variation rather than a strict repetition. The last line is inverted. Phil told me once his favorite symphony was Bach's Fifth, so the appeal of this painting for them was an overlapping of interests.  I met Phil and Karen while an undergrad at NMU and they have three paintings, this and Montanna Mosque, which I only titled after getting a photo of it from Phil. The third painting is in the Abstract category,..... Montanna Gold, the second to last one.


This painting should actually be in the Music analogy category which followed the Islamic one but I put it
here as a transitiional piece so it can be grouped with its collection. Paintings are analogous to children. You want to keep in
touch with them, you worry about them alittle, as they go off into the world and it is always great to see them again.

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