back to main    Emory University Law School Library, Atlanta, Ga.
                Selections from the Eyedrum Retrospective, AS-IS (finale) Tom Ferguson

The paintings, 42 of ' em, were distributed over the second, third and fourth floor (the second being the entry level). Veronica Wright invited me to bring a selection from the Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery exhibit over after that show closed in early August. It was be up through December 2009, with several works staying up into 2/2010. 

law school Emory law 2

 Second Floor

 Third Floor

 Fourth Floor

The Second Floor
has a row of single objects toward the back,
of the reading room, a row of heads about 1/2 way back, the
Supreme Court portrait and near the copy machines one of the
children's drawing appropriations.

In the hallway leading to the bathrooms on this floor are a mix:
two from the 1-a-day series, a single object, another appropriation
and two found object paintings.

The Third Floor has appropriations, found object paintings and a few
from the 1-a-day series.

The Fourth Floor has a row of appropriated images on found objects just
outside the elevators, more of the same on the remaining walls with some of the appropriations being from my own sketch books.