back    next   Venus in the East  (2 versions - still in my possession) © 1978 Tom Ferguson about 30 x 27"  
 I was seeing the sky alot in early a.m. or late afternoon from a van where I was delivering AJCs to yellow boxes around town, a specific route... mentioned this in regard to the first two in this category...fascinating to see a crescent moon w/Venus or whatever hovering in the area. Subject of course is never(!) enough to make a painting though is it... it's always the formal that carries it... if I may venture a modernist opinion.  The second one, below, is more successful
in that it has a slab appearance, a presence this top one lacks. Always a delicate balancing act and almost never possible to articulate the
difference. The rough impasto often communicates a primordial feeling but not always.

Venus in the East
venus again

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