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Tom Ferguson 

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 early 1980s sometime


About 1974. Taken in Marquette, Mich. my home town where I
worked on a Bachelor's degree after an 8 month European trip.
A cityscape is above my head & the painting on the radiator,
Chordal Progression
, is from that time, when I was seeing Painting  as for the eye, music as for the ear... arranging images in sequence, infatuated with that analogy. The painting was bought by Karen Mostellar & was in a house fire... I restored it, making significant changes.



Interior shot of house at 2424c N. Dousman, Milwaukee... where I lived when I dropped out of art school & went into more or less seclusion, to paint, draw, & begin to study music, philosophy... being. To the left is a lost painting, an interior, a bed.... to the right one of the smaller paintings I was doing in those years - interiors, cityscapes etc; Wish I could pan left, get a better look at that painting, & the others, zoom in, pan, walk thru the 4-room flat, $45 a month. Friends lived upstairs for $25 cuz the roof leaked. Yolanda Saldana (Ferguson) in the far room.

To the right is me in that same far room, 3 interiors behind me that I later sold at an art fair in Madison, Wisconsin, for $25 each. The hair & beard came & went. I shaved in 1976 & was so shocked by the plucked chicken look that haven't shaved since. No idea what the sign says. A relief sculpture just visible to the right. Behind me 4 x 4' photo of an insect impaled on a radiator which came from noticing the carnage when bending over to open the hood at a gas station I worked for awhile. Slept on a mattress on the floor in this room. In a dream once I was trying to open my eyes but the sun was bright on that wall & it hurt so i'd close them but worked into the dream those paintings.


Below: 1966, my first year of art school, the bare beginnings of my maturation... many an awkward moment, many a false start, much groping to come.


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  early 1980s 1966 Milwaukee