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Tom Ferguson 

These photos range from 1966 to 2006, samples from that incredible (to me) stream of events.

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1966 & early 1980s sometime1966 & 1980s

 Photo in studio 

Late 80s. Taken in my Atlanta studio... don't remember by whom or the occasion but it appeared in some newspapers I think
during various exhibits around Georgia. I remember the shirt & several of the paintings in the back rack date it.


 198792 invite

This image (above) was used for an exhibition announcement for Jaime Web Gallery in Macon, then a year later, 1992, at Sandler Hudson Gallery. It also appeared in the Atlanta Consitution around 1987 when I happened to be at Nexus Contemporary Art Center (now The Contemporary) when someone from the press needed a visual. I ran home & returned with this photo & it ran. These two paintings, along with a third, were on the roof of my car, returning from an exhibit in Louisville, when I had an accident & stood helplessly by, in horror, watching cars drive over them. I re-painted Vivian, left & The Elder, not pictured. Larry is to the right which I did not re-do though the Albany Museum has a smaller version of the same character... there's a funny story I might tell you one day about Larry & Vivian.

nmy publicity newspaper nmu publicity shot

Above a shot I took for publicity for a 1993 exhibit at Northern Michigan University, using an invite from my first Atlanta one-artist show, 1982, for the eye-pieces.

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Ran into Jim Marsh, a fellow grad student at MSU, 1974-6, in 2006, picking up right where we left off, over several pots of coffee. He took the photo.

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 Jim Marsh photo  movie still

The above shot was taken in a mirror, one of many I did in 2006 for an iMovie.