back   next  Of Knowledge of Trees of Death  © 1982 Tom Ferguson  I did the sculpture in the early 80s and used the title for my first one-artist exhibit. I had been bolting frames around paintings for awhile, playing with/emphasizing that object-ness. Bolting and enclosing something that normally needs to be accessible sort of entombs it.... the shape, when lain flat, is coffin-like to top off that notion. That the encylopedias fit so nicely was a serendipitous event... I built the "shelving" but that the number allowed 3 sections, A - Z, with no padding needed... is what I mean. Most of the materials derive from trees (books, wood) and they are temporarily held captive by the bolts & screws, diverted from the normal flow of birth, growth, degeneration, death.
of knowledge
of knowledge of treesof death
This bottom pic shows one of the bolts... there are three, one for each "shelf".
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