back  next  Evolution  © 2000 Tom Ferguson This piece was created for an exhibit at Swan Coach House. It sat in front of a splendid window at the end of the gallery, very nice installation. Here it's in my hallway. Ed Arnold & Betsy Rivard gave me the wooden tool kit and I painted it silver and put in the various slots various books, journals, calendars,... making it a sort of selective autobio. The top piece is a pencil sharpener fastened to a sculpture stand (the kind you can rotate to work on all sides of a bust or whatever). The word Evolution is painted on the sharpener which is painted white, the color of potential... so all these references cross-reference & create new meaning. I've done this fairly often, joined different objects & allowed the new context to emit implications. The color triangles on the sculpture stand have the words, Big Bang, Physical, Biological and Cultural Evolution, ... coming out of a course I took in California with the Foundation for Global Community & then taught, Living on the Edge of Evolution, where the origin story was put forth as a story for ALL cultures, a way of uniting the species & celebrating the wonder of reality.
Evolution the one
evolution close up
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