back  next (OK Cafe Money Tree) Interior Paintings (Hall of Fame-10 Years) © 1994 Tom Ferguson I've done caricatures of staff when their employment duration arrives at 10 years - did the sign too. In the entry of the OK Cafe, Atlanta. Details & updates below. The two oil painting were bought straight up, not commissioned. They are: Governor Beckman and Intersection.
Interior ok
ok detailok detail 2
ok detail 3ok detail 4
Interior OK
a more recent installation shot (below)
OK workers
and one close up - i'm given instructions to characterize each worker, this one being a cook
but also having a certain reputation as a magnet for the other gender (which he denied).
OK close up
the latest pic 2012 below (just sent in two more - not up yet)
ok installation
the latest one, 6/4/16   Judy    this one after a fall 2015 fire which had the place closed for almost a year so the crew probably
turned over significantly... I was surprised to get one so quickly.
ok judy
judy close up

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