back  next (bathroom door paintings) Money Tree © 1994 Tom Ferguson    I was asked to design it & in collaboration with Susan Durose, one of the Liberty House partners, I got it down on paper. It was to go around a column holding up the radiating beams of the addition. So I had to work in conjunction with the contractors, who saved my butt more than once. Getting it on paper was easy & even fun but actually doing it... i'm not a sculptor but I had to fake it for this project. I still occasionally go in & repair some damage from overzealous frolickers. I designed the money using 6 singles (1 thru 6 dollar bills), front & back & mixing up the paper colors for variety & using a glue gun to attach them to the paper machier canopy. The tree construction was truely a nightmare. Don't get me started.  Below i've added some close-ups of the $$$. Not
all the backs are shown... I should add those.
Money Tree
Money tree too

money two
money b/w
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