back   Studio  These are some shots of my studio in 2007. I've barely used it since 06... some commissions, prepping some signs for demonstrations... putting together boxbooks, prepping work for exhibition. A good third of the space is storage as you can see. The window behind the easel is north, two double fluorescents above. Ran across a great deal on the drawing file... prior to that my drawings were vulnerable, on top of a painting crate, not even completely flat. I have another storage space on a loft above my office space and of course there aresome paintings on the walls, not inch to inch in deference to others I live with. I built that simple easel, two 1 x 4s" leaning against the wall, with a ledge, vertically adjustable via drilled holes and bolts, to hold the variously sized paintings.
     You can see the palette is a rectangle of 1/4" glass w/a white surface underneath. I was using acrylics here but back-when I would arrange colors in a sequence, black & white then the reds together, orange, yellow, green blues... a sort of spectrum, Kandinsky's keyboard of the emotions... that is until I started painting in heavy impasto. That called for mixing one color at a time in a large quantity.
studio north
studio north west
studio east
studio south