back ... next ...Slot © 1984 Tom Ferguson   27 x 23"  oil/c. 
collection, Jere Zivan   Jere bought 3 of the grey paintings. Ran into him after he moved to Florida and he said when his kids
moved out, as adults, he let them choose paintings to take with and so the three got broken up. The drawing that this came from
attempted to visually depict the hypnotic allure of a Jesus Freak preacher at one of their events a friend & I decided to go to. It was
pure revival tent with a hippie slant... he used a hypnotic tone to lure the susceptible to the front to be "saved". The anointed then
were wisked off into a side room for follow-up. I was too aware of what was happening to be taken in but at one point, standing
in the back, I closed my eyes and flirted with the hypnotist. They get you in the now and in the novelty of there (here) they get
you back in your head but now properly indoctrinated.

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