back    previous press page   Press: I was doing an outside mural for OK Cafe on Lenox Rd - since changed hands so murals gone -
a news photographer happened by for lunch & took some shots, slow news day so I got lucky. The large circular window was painted
from inside. This actually happened twice... the top one later, the bottom left one first - the front damn page! Working publicly one encounters reactions, mostly positive but I had a mafiosa-type guy walk by, going into Houston's, with a young "lady" and he sneers,
"You must be an artist!"  Funny how they reversed the image on the top one.
OK cafe at Lenox

The short article lower right was in Creative Loafing, on the occasion of a MOCA/GA parade for the arts. I was carrying DADA kind of stuff and the umbrella with holes in it caught the reporter, Andish Nouraee's attention. That referred of course to Reagan's SDI or star wars. The poster is a blow-up of one of my political cartoons. How could I go to an art parade without being political?
OK Cafe Lenox
OK Cafe Lenox Creative Loafing
My painting Money Honey, is prominent on the middle right in this AJC article on MOCA/GA.
ajc clipI
I was at Nexus one day when an AJC writer asked if there were any photos
they could use for this little blurb they were running on the show. I ran home and got this photo & promptly delivered it. Right place, right time.

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