back   next   Polish Filmaker © 1984 Tom Ferguson     Collector in Nashville, TN via Cumberland Gallery, along with
the drawing, Larry.  Fun to attach a title to a painting & so influence how it's interpreted. A one-word story. Speaking of
story, an interesting thing happened 1/09 -  got an email from someone who apparently tracked me down thru my website
to tell me they'd bought this painting at a yard sale for $5... in their words they "rescued it." That's quite a mark-down. My
financial manager, if I had one, would not be pleased. Seeing another artist's work in a yard sale once I remember thinking,
"Jeez, I hope my work doesn't end up in like that!" I'd like to know the train of events that brought this about. And what
is the fate of those other "children" i've sent out into the world and haven't heard from? Oh well, we're all going to the same
place, or we're all IN the same place. The new collector then of Polish Filmaker is Teresa Jones Brink.
Polish filmaker
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