back to main   Etching Commission: These pieces were etched by a glass artist, sandblasted actually, from designs I provided. These are the
test pieces that were reproduced five each and they were given to me on the condition that I don't sell them. I was working through the design firm, Hirsch-Bedner. You can see in the pics that I put  them in my windows in one room. The ones used in the final piece were placed in a very elegant mahogeny (Honduran rain forest i'm afraid) frame setting one end of a hotel bar off from a hallway. The bar was raised to, further setting it off and on either side of the actual bar were oil pastel drawings I did of musicians, ranging from Dylan to Beethoven... see here(in the right column). I shot these images under different lighting, day and night, to give a sense of how they vary in different light. When the hotel changed hands the installation was scrapped and the glass ended up in the collection of Suzy and Bill Leveille.
etching 1
etching 2
insert 3
etch 4
etch 6
etching 5
etch 7
etch 8
etch 9
etch 10
etch 11
etch 12
etch 13
ran across these preliminary thumbnails from which the etching evolved.

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