back   Island Art Center,  St. Simons Island, GA © 1987 Tom Ferguson   The Center's director saw the exhibit Stevens Seaberg & I had at the Macon Museum and invited us to bring it there.  We went down, driving through rural SE GA, and Stevens brought only a few pieces, creating much of his part by roving the beaches & finding "sculpture".
    The Museum had twin grand pianos so Steve & I sat down at the beginning of the reception & improvised... great fun. After awhile I joined the reception and steve started playing all these old standard jazz songs. We stayed with the director and walked on the beach in the a.m., as so many locals ritually did. Met a woman who, except for that morning outing, lived in a plastic enclosure in her home, having very servere allergies. Made a trip south to Jacksonville in heavy rain, trying to connect, without luck, to the Jacksonville Museum of Art... ever ambitious.
Saint Simons Island
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