back  Of Knowledge of Trees of Death © 1981 Tom Ferguson  This proposal, though I don't remember it, was submitted to the High Museum and the Atlanta Artworker's Coalition (AAWC) and apparently rejected by both. I later used the proposed invite for my first one-artist show at AAWC, 1982.  The written part of the proposal was fun for me to review, showing once again that my thinking hasn't really "advanced" except in solidity and precision. I intuited then what I now am more articulate about. At that time I was drawing on the minimalist/conceptualist currents I encountered in the Art Mags & books of the "academy" - with a strong dose of mocking-the-religious-fundamentalists thrown in.  Playing with the swearing on a stack of bibles phrase is funny and bolting them together is guaranteed to get a rise out of the target population. The Academy isn't always wrong... sometimes it points very nicely at what is significant... what I would now call, here/now or presence... a la Tolle.
Stack 'o bibles
stack 2stack 3 (leaves in the other bin)
stack 4Darwin's  burnt book
stack 5
I thought it extremely clever to use printer's symbols to force a short fragment into a long statement.