back   Sketchbooks, one-a-day and other 1969 - into 2000s   The top one of the books and below a few pages, samples of figurative and abstract studies. The first happens to be of John Stenton who I sketched when he visited one day and was playing my guitar.

From 1969 - 1974 I faithfully did one-a-day drawings. After 1974 the drawings were frequent but not necessarily one a day. During the one-a-day period I would open the book and start drawing, no preconception, just dive in, see what happened. That was also more often than not the way I approached them all though sometimes I'd be working out some visual problem or an idea for a painting. In 1983-4 I realized the books were a great source of subject matter for paintings. The paintings then were paintings of drawing.        © tom ferguson

sketch book stack
drawing 2
drawing 4
drawing 3

drawing 6
drawing 7