back ... next ... Rightness © 1976 Tom Ferguson ... collection David Spangler.  oil on canva, 35 x 25"  

The muted, harmonious color and arrangement of lines here seemed to illustrate the sense of "rightness" referred to 
in the I-Ching which I had been consulting around this time. I did an etching at this time, taking advantage of my
status as a grad student to wander in and use the print studio. Scan down to see it.


Bathroom Mantra © 1975 Tom Ferguson etching about 8" square
I liked the idea of having paintings in people's bathrooms after visiting a friend in Milwaukee and
finding one of my pieces there. It's such an intimate place, often visited, lot of exposure. I think Mondrian
was influencing me - I had definitely been impressed at the work I saw at MOMA NYC. The idea
of dividing the surface in a more or less geometric patterning was seducing me.