back      The Peace Quilt is on the west side of the American Friends Service Committee building on Piedmont Ave. The graffitti people have respected this mural since it was painted in 1988. There is a detail is of a homeless man - David told me to invent a character for that space. Otherwise I just painted in what he had drawn. Most of the illuminaries of peace are represented heah - Ghandi, MLK, Desmond Tutu, Fanny Lou Hammer and the excluded people, Nelson Mandala, American Indians, Palestinians, etc;
AFSC mural
quilt again
quilt ghandi
quilt mural
The mural was done in 1988, same summer the Democratic Convention was in Atlanta. Andrew Young dropped
by to express his approval one day (maybe on his way to a Nike-funded tour of sweat shops in Asia). It has faded some but
not bad for nearly 20 years.         back