back    next    Places  © 1975 Tom Ferguson    The top section follows the format, 1 x 5', i'd been using for this music-analogy series. The bottom section doubles that, making three same-size divisiions in two sections, each divided into three horizontal bands and an odd grid, with arcing divisions on the top that float freely on the bottom.... color coded and subject-related to satisfy any cross-word puzzle enthusiast.


When I moved to Georgia I had such a hard time protecting this painting, riding on my roof, keeping it
covered in a pouring, freezing rain that I finally gave up. The bottom section was facing up and rain accumlated
on the surface and would partially freeze, thus scraping the surface as the ice slid around with my starts and
stops. I had to re-paint mucho. Another time I was driving backroads, taking an exhibit of paintings from Madison, Ga
to Macon, GA and I looked in my rear-view mirror to see this painting cart-wheeling down the road.
Amazingly only the frame was damaged (aside of course from microscopic crackling). It survives still in my racks.

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