back   Nexus Contemporary Art Center (now The Contemporary Art Center) in Atlanta © 1985 Tom Ferguson Allen Sondheim came to town from New York as Nexus curator & he really enlivened the arts scene here. He had all kinds of group shows... I think he started the Biennial which went on for quite a few years. He took a shine to my work & invited me to exhibit which turned out to be just prior to the High Museum show. I exhibited a selection of the work that came just before the heads which the High Museum showed. Three one-artist shows in one year was sort of a blitz or as Allen said, "You might be shooting your whole wad." It was not always so. When I first started entering Nexus group shows I did not get in, to my perplexity. I told one curator, "I don't get it. If I were curating i'd include your work." So the winds shifted... curators come, curators go... so do artists.
Nexus 1985