Little Five Points Mural - depicts history of the Bomb. This was the first mural I worked on with David, his first in Atlanta. This and the Peace Quilt marked my most intensive involvement. Well, the Paul Robeson Theater too... 7 Stages too come to think of it... the others I had other commitments so time was more limited. You can see this one has gotten the most graffittee beneath which you can get glimpses of Eistein, Oppenhiemer, MLK ....  love those taggers. Near the 7 Stages mural when I was photographing it, I noticed a mural on a parking lot wall, maybe graffitti? I include a shot below.
5 pts 1
5 pts 2
5 pts 3
5 pts 4
5 pts 5
5 pts 6
5 pts 7
Is that graffitti over the RR? Is the RR itself graffitti? Such perplexing questions.