back  King Plow Art Center, Atlanta © 1996 Tom Ferguson The inheritor of the King Plow center converted it into an art center, with live theatre and several galleries...and... invited me to show there. I chose to exhibit political cartoons and do a performance as Thinkspeak, doing original songs with Zack Harrison & Cyndia Hunnicutt. The night of the opening, as I was driving over, I tuned in the radio and heard the weather forecast, the announcer pleading with people to stay home tonight, an ice storm cometh... great! Still about 80 people showed up. King suggested I have a closing also so we did the same thing at the end, playing for the people and watching them cruise the show. For the opening I invited the Seaberg Acrobatic Poets & they performed while Thinkspeak improvised - really uncanny how the music would happen to fit what they were doing. Other poets read also, Bob Darby and the Sisters Without Mercy showed up to menace the patriarchy. Actually I think they were stopped by the ice. I did have to scrape my windows to leave that night. These photos show only the paintings I hung at the entrance, not the cartoons which are viewable at  I didn't realize that King rented the place out for conventions. I came in the first saturday to sit the show and found I was expected to pay to come in and displays were strewn everywhere in front of the paintings and cartoons. I was furious of course, my ego totally hooked. The trade apparently was: the art was there to decorate the receptions etc; that were held but when the paying customers wanted to put up displays that blocked the art, well, sobeit. Time heals all ego wounds.
King Plow
King Plow 2.