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Joe & Dr. Hea Jung Ruesing collection © 2008 Tom Ferguson  This isn't all of 'em but it's a fair sample, in situ.
Hilo, Hawaii    Joe & I became friends as undergrads & stayed in touch. He went in the Peace Corps, to Korea, where he met Hea Jung.
They moved to New York City & eventually Hawaii where Hea Jung practices medicine & Joe manages the office & indulges in various
media, lately some excellent digital photography augmented by photoshop. He has studied drawing, poetry, politics, literature, film, nutrition, investment, golf and is fluent in Korean. Hea Jung specializes in pediatrics and internal medicine.
left to right: Christmyth, Winter Has Its Influence, View From the Schoolhouse,  a take-off on Paul Cezanne's Card Players, The Is and the Ain't and Snowplow Operator.

is & the ain't5 color litho
Joe & Hea Jung did an addition to the homestead and hung Snowplow Operator, my 5 color lithograph
done at the late Wayne Kline's Rollling Stone Press in Atlanta.
More re-arranging at the Ruesing homestead. Joe calls this the TF Shrine. He's a comic that guy.
Quite a range in this photo... late 70s minimalism and early 70s abstract... and that homage
to Cezanne, his card players interpreted. It's more than a photo of my paintings, it's a PHOTO by Joe Ruesing.

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