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the only one I still have is Little Vehicle, the small one lower right  (Sleeping dogs, which I still have, is just visible). Brutal Fact and
Shoe Down are now in the collection of MOCA/GA. 20 Year Work Table (center) is collection Barb Williams, Atlanta. The two photos below of that work in situ is by her.

"20 Year Work Table" is the top of a work table I used for 20 years which I recycled then for a painting surface, allowing the spilled paint, the drilled holes etc; to be part of the collection of kids' drawings. Collection Barb and Thom Williams. Shoe Down, Little Vehicle, Brutal Fact and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, are also partially visible. The two photos below of the painting was sent to me and taken by Barb Williams.

work table
table too

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