back ... next ..Installation Nexus © 1987 Tom Ferguson   all oil/c. 90 x 30" Still have 3, 4, 5 - left to rt. ..

This was a group show at Nexus, curated by Dan Talley. The painting to the far right is NorteAmericana, collection of Dick & Judy Marks. Dawn, first from left, is in the international section of Atlanta's busy airport. The Elder, second, belongs to Tom Nelson's estate. Anthony DeCurtis mentioned these in a review in Creative Loafing just before he departed to become editor of Rolling Stone Magazine. He said they were impressive on first impression but then wondered was there anything more... something like that. And it's true, you can look at it that way. In all defensiveness i'd say, it's there but you have to look. Warhol said he liked the kind of reviewers who just list the names. Nexus later moved and became "The Contemporary".

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