back  A sailing vessel, marked on the back 1960, 7th painting... don't remember what other paintings... oh there was one of a candle, something out of Disney only poorly drawn. Obviously I knew little about color, straight outta the tube, maybe a little white.
The interior scene I didn't remember doing until Barbara Nevela, my step aunt, returned it to me as she entered a terminal illness. It's from 1962, my senior year in High School. Bad as it is it does depict a memory, me lying on the floor seeing an old man in a rocking chair and his dog before the fireplace... the not unpleasant smell of two elderly people living in a wood-fire heated cabin all winter. For some reason I made the man younger, no rocking chair. The woman was always in the kitchen. They were grandparents of friends of my Father's. The third is of JFK, just elected, about to get me in the army with his glamourizing the green berets and to get himself killed, maybe by alienating the mob and/or the right wing and/or as blow-back from his obsession with killing Castro and/or his Cold War aggression.
youthful sailing
fireplace detail