back   The Comedians © 1998 Tom Ferguson Hartsfield (now Hartsfield-Jackson... should be Harriet Tubman) International Airport Atrium, a cavernous space. There are four columns around which 4 x 8' panels are arranged. There are I think 16 paintings in this show. When I went out to photograph it I was astonished to see, across the way, a man leaning against my painting like it was just part of the wall. I slipped into rage and ran toward him but he was gone when I got there. I had been abit concerned about the work being in that public of a space, people flying by with suitcases swinging etc; but I went out & observed.... seemed ok. Never would have predicted that. Dawn is the character in robe against red in the second photo which the airport purchased & hung in the International Concourse. All 90 x 30" canvases.